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Annual events

- Traditional Village Pig Killing

The last weekend in January

- Easter related events at the Country House

Between March 22. and April 25.

- Masters’ Hands Exhibition

From the middle of August for two weeks

- August 20th Bread Sanctification in the temple

August 20.

- Samu Day

The closest to the August 21 Saturday

- Village Day

The last weekend in August

- Mihály Day Fair

The end of September

- Vine Harvesting Parade and Ball

The end of September, the beginning of October

-  Commemoration regarding ’56

October 23.

- Martin’s Day Lantern Parade

November 11.

- Defeathering in the County House

The end of November, the beginning of December

- Village Christmas

The middle of December

Please, consult our website or the Mayor’s Office before the current event. 

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