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Udvard - Dvory nad Zitavou (SK)

Udvard - Dvory nad Zitavou (SK)

Into our settlement, inhabited already in the 13th century, were settled  between 1727-59 from Trenčín, Bratislava, Nitra counties Slovaks. We have twinning settlement relationship with the Slovakian village of Dvory  and Žitavou (Udvard), therefore it is important to us. We have family, community relationship regarding adults and children. We have meetings regularly on the events of vine harvesting parades, retirement events, excursions, school events, village related events, cheerful programs, tradition-preserving meetings, for example, defeathering.  We have organized 3-4- meetings annually, that work well on a back and forth basis. Old and new acquaintances are created, we exchange experiences. We continue to nurture and maintain this good relationship with the local government of our village and the local Slovak government.

The village is located in the district of Nitra, administrative territory of Érsekújvár. In 2001, there were 3684 Hungarian inhabitants and 1323 inhabitants out of its 5138 inhabitants. Udvard is located 9 km east of Érsekújvár on the left bank of the river Zsitva, on the northeastern edge of the Little Plain. From west it is bordered with Érsekújvár, from the north with Zsitvabesenyő, from north-east with Kisbaromlak and Komáromszemere, from south-east with Csúz, and from south with  Bajcs villages.


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