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Muhr am See (D)

Muhr am See (D)

Even before the change of regime a sport relationship  between Vértesszőlős and Muhr am See in Germany started.

New negotiations started in 1999 which led to success, due to the mayors of the two settlements (Roland Fitzner and István Vida), and László Szabó, the chairman of the Agricola Rt. In the spring of 2000, 15 school children and local government representatives visited Muhr am See. The rematch of the friendly football match, laid there, was organized in Vértesszőlős int hat year in the autumn, to which came to the village 30 adults, accompanying the German children. In addition to the cozy sport day, the vine gathering parade and ball were waiting for the guests. In the summer of 2001, forty children and seven adults Vértesszőlős spent nine unforgettable days in the twin settlement, where the Vértesszőlős-Muhr Friends Circle was formed after the last year’s visit. The host was this local civil association as well as the local associations and the municipality of Muhr. There were a lot of opportunities for the German and Hungarian children to get in touch, to do sports and make friends. Int he summer of 2002 a local government delegation visited Germany, where the two mayors, Roland Fitzner and  István Vida signed the German version of the partnership diploma at a ceremony. In August 2002, 23 children and 10 adults were welcomed in Vértesszőlős. In addition to sport activities, our German guests were shown our county sights, and even a trip to Budapest was included in the program. The visit ended with the celebrations on August 20th. From 1 to 3 May 2003, a German delegation was hosted in Vértesszőlős. On May 1st, the Blazer-Park was opened, created partly from German donations, in the school yard. In honor of the event, trees were planted by the two mayors, on of the trees was taken from Germany. In the evening the two mayors signed the Hungarian version of the partnership diploma on a solemn basis. On the other two days the guests visited the Parliament and the sights of Budapest, and also made a trip on the Plain and Bugac. The visit ended with a pleasant dinner.

We, the freely elected mayors of Vértesszőlős and Muhr am See settlements, on behalf of our electorates, make a solemn promise,  to maintain and strengthen existing friendships between our settlements, cultural, economic and human relationships will be further developed by us. We are determined to deepen mutual understanding with our young people’s encounters, the feeling of European neighborhood and solidarity. We will make further efforts to achieve our common goal, which will contribute to the unit of Europe and preserve peace between nations.


Vértesszőlős, May 1st,2003.

István Vida mayor

Roland Fitzner mayor


Muhr am See settlement is located in Germany, within it, in Bovaria. It has 2223 inhabitants (December 31, 2015.). Muhr am See is bordered by Merkendorf, Ansbach administrative area, Haundorf, Mitteleschenbach, Gunzenhausen, Ornbau and Arberg settlements.


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