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Csaba Nagy Mayor’s Greeting

Csaba Nagy Mayor’s Greeting

Sincerely and gladly welcome to you in our settlement’s website, which is not only browsed by the residents of Vértesszőlős, thanks to the unique findings regarding predecessors, exhibited at the open air exhibition site of the Hungarian National Museum, it is also visited by a broader range of people from all over the country even, crossing the virtual borders of the country, from all over the world!

Following the decision of our local government, our portal, which has been formed since spring 2007, would like to briefly introduce Vértesszőlős to those interested, beyond all this, it intends to provide for our local residents new information, interesting issues, actual news.

I guess, Vértesszőlős does not have to be shown anyone in Hungary: a lot of tourists and school classes visit the settlement year-by-year, which became world famous because the first cave man finding, found here, the Hungarian National Museum’s show site is a frequent venue for class trips.

The distant past and busy present of Vértesszőlős makes it rich. Its lucky location, the No 1 main road, the M1 motorway, the Budapest-Vienna railway line, the proximity of Budapest and Győr, the adjacent, dynamically developing county seat, Tatabánya, and also the adjacent Tata, of old fashion, having magical past, make our settlement an attractive place to live. The number of inhabitants of the village has been increasing steadily over the past decades in the near future it is expected to be more than 3000 people. On the south slopes of the Gerecse, the proximity of nature, the calm environment provide a cozy home at our place for those, who move here from remote places.

We look forward to welcoming you also as a guest, a tourist, a businessman in Vértesszőlős! The beautiful natural environment, the nurturing of traditions (Slovak nationality culture), the traditional local programs (Plucking, Szőllős Wedding, Grape Harvest Parade),  the excellent wines (Ászár-Neszmélyi wine region, Tata District) and the dynamically developing economic trade-service zone, near the No 1 main road are always waiting for you in your work, or when you want to relax, or have a good time in our village!


Yours faithfully:

Csaba Nagy


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